Araña and Spider-Male 2099: Dark Tomorrow Novel Declared

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Impression: Marvel Press (cover: Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor)

Anya Corazon, also recognized as Araña, is one of the numerous Spider-Individuals at present webslinging about New York City. Now, even so, writer Alex Segura requires her on a new experience that strands her in the future, triggering her to group up with Spider-Gentleman 2099, billionaire CEO Miguel O’Hara… and the two discover they have related enemies in the present and the past.

Segura is an award-winning writer, and has previously prepared the literary thriller Key Id, the Star Wars novel Poe Dameron: Free Slide, and the Pete Fernandez mystery sequence. io9 is psyched to announce his most recent novel, Araña and Spider-Male 2099: Darkish Tomorrow, and get the special facts on what lovers can expect.

James Whitbrook, io9: You just helped kick off a new chapter of Anya’s journey in Edge of Spider-Verse. What is it about her that drew you back to her?

Alex Segura: Araña holds a particular location for me simply because I have these kinds of vivid memories of to start with examining her adventures. It meant a large amount to see a Latinx Spider-character, and to get the possibility to write a novel that in some ways reintroduces the character to visitors felt truly critical and unique. That it comes soon after I got the probability to further more her comedian guide tale is also really distinctive. Anya is driven, talented, and brave—but she’s also finding out. In quite a few approaches, she has a large amount in frequent with Peter Parker during his early times. But she’s also her very own particular person and making an attempt to obtain her way in a complex entire world. I feel that is quite relatable, no make a difference your age or lifestyle experience.

io9: Why was Miguel the natural foil for Anya in Dim Tomorrow? What produced him the best mentor in the Spider-verse for her?

Segura: In the ebook, we discover both of those heroes at extremely diverse factors in their careers—Anya is starting out a bit aimless, and striving to find some advice in terms of how to be a hero. On the flipside, Miguel is reeling from a significant tragedy and is not certain he even wants to be Spider-Person anymore. So when they fulfill, we have two figures that truly need to have just about every other, but they have to understand that, and they have to evolve to the point where by they can aid every single other. That felt seriously fascinating to me—to chronicle that wrestle for Miguel, to pull him again to being a hero, and at the same time have Anya study from him and appear into her own. Honestly, when we talked about the thought, it felt so natural that I was impressed we had been receiving the probability to investigate it to start with. Their dynamic was my most loved element of the novel.

io9: Clearly you’re a novelist for a living as effectively as a comics writer, but what troubles are there in bringing people made for the medium of comics into the literary medium? How different is your tactic than if you were being scripting this as a comic?

Segura: I believe when you’re composing comics you’re collaborating—you’re commencing the undertaking and watching as some others insert and develop on your strategy. With a novel, whilst I comprehend it is playing in an current sandbox—you’re variety of driving the complete sensory practical experience. I can not count on the artist to increase visuals to my dialogue or scene descriptions. It’s a various kind of challenge. As a enthusiast of the two people, I needed to consider the possibility that prose supplies and get into their heads a bit extra than we may see in comics, and also to obtain a unique balance—where the story is large open plenty of that new audience can take pleasure in it, but also loaded with winks and nods for longtime readers. There are a several figures I was honestly amazed I got to use—so that was a blast.

io9: Exactly where do you want to see Anya’s journey go as a character? Do you think she has the prospective to split out even much more in the entire world of Spider-heroes?

Segura: Oh, definitely. I assume she’s an wonderful and multipurpose character with a ton of upside. I’d adore to see her continue to remain in the highlight for a long time to arrive. She feels like she’s genuinely all set to split out.

And, I have to say—Miguel was a video game-changer for me, as a Cuban-American center school child obsessed with Spider-Person. I have vivid memories of acquiring that 1st, holo-foil issue of Spider-Male 2099 by Peter David and Rick Leonardi and not only staying blown away by the comedian, but by the thought of Miguel. To see a Latinx Spider-Man was a revelation for me. Identifying with the characters you’re reading through is so vital and vital—it trapped with me since, and that moment played out in my head many times as I wrote Miguel and Anya’s experience.

Image for article titled Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow (Web)Slings Anya Into the Future

Image: Marvel Push (include: Carolina Rodríguez Fuenmayor)

Araña and Spider-Male 2099 goes on sale May possibly 2, 2023, and is out there to pre-purchase.

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