The Important Aspects Of CFA ESG Certificate Preparation

CFA ESG Certificate Preparation

The new age people are enlightened with all the ESG issues happening in and out. May it be the need of conserving the natural world from climate changes and pollution, consideration of people and relationships through data protection management and customer satisfaction, or standards for running a company; the socially conscious investors are interested in finding a long term solution for these issues.

Now that people have realized how and why ESG matters, they have also started adapting ways that can help in improving the situation. And one such way of improving this CFA Institutes’ ESG certification. In this article we will tell you all the important aspects related to a CFA ESG certificate.

Topic Areas & Weights for CFA ESG Certificate

For getting certificate in ESG investing from CFA institute, one needs to undergo an exam that has 100 multiple choice questions. These questions need to be completed in the duration of two hours and twenty minutes.

Talking about the ESG syllabus, it consists of nine chapters. These chapters are majorly about the technical aspects and development of ESG investing. There are several CFA ESG practice questions available online on renowned websites like Brainie Group. One can prepare well by going through all the sample questions and answers. Here are some topics along with their weightage that you will see in the exam.

4% to 8% category

Introduction to ESG

The ESG Market

Investment Mandates

Portfolio Analytics

Client Reporting

6% to 12% category

Engagement & Stewardship

Governance Factors

Social Factors

Environmental Factors

ESG Integrated Portfolio Construction & Management

20% to 32% category

ESG Analysis, Valuation & Integration

Exam Fees & Costs for CFA ESG Certificate

The exam fees structure for CFA ESG certificate is straight and clear.

You need to pay registration fees as well as learning material cost fees.

You can also purchase hard copies for the syllabus for extra Euros.

The registration fee is around 595 Euros and for hard copies of the syllabus, it’s extra 120 Euros along with shipping.

Though the fee is cost effective, you can also get a CFA question bank online from Brainie Group. Hence you can cut down the extra costs here.

Exam Schedule & Key Deadlines

As you know the test for CFA ESG certificate is currently taken by hundreds of test sites of Prometric. The candidates who wish to appear for the test can sit for it throughout the year except for the holidays and weekends. 

If you are planning to participate in the test, you must carefully plan your exam registration. Generally the ESG investing syllabus gets updated annually in the month of October and remains live till the last day of September.

Getting a CFA ESG certificate is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is right preparation and awareness about the test. Bookmark this article so that you do not miss out on any detail and start preparing for your test today.

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