Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest v9.30F (July 2022)

Are you looking for a comprehensive Fouad WhatsApp APK download guide on the internet? It’s here! Today, everyone uses WhatsApp. It can be for personal or business purposes. Despite having over five billion downloads just via the Play Store, it’s not free from certain limitations. But these limitations don’t matter much, thanks to MODS like Fouad WhatsApp. 

Fouad WhatsApp Download

In this article, I will guide you through the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp and the detailed Fouad WhatsApp APK download procedure you need to know before getting started. 

What Is Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. The Fouad MODS developers developed this version of Fouad WhatsApp. Its interface is very much like the original WhatsApp. You will not be able to identify the Fouad WhatsApp until you notice its logo and different Settings page.

The latest version, v9.30F of the Fouad WhatsApp, has many unique modifications. The bugs have also been fixed, and new improvements have been enforced. The recent version of the Fouad WhatsApp operates appropriately only on the 5.1 or further Android versions. 

The Fouad WhatsApp has many features that are unavailable on the original WhatsApp. For example, it allows users to customize the app to their needs, share large media files and modify the app’s icon to their choice. 

Compared to the other modified WhatsApp apps, the Fouad WhatsApp is a lot safer as the developers also deliver aid options when you require assistance. The Fouad WhatsApp’s storage size is also significantly less, even with a lot more added features, and it is only 52Mb. 

Altogether, the Fouad WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging platform with all its features in the modified versions of WhatsApp. It is Similar to GBWhatsApp Pro & FMWhatsApp.

Why Should You Download Fouad WhatsApp APK

The Fouad WhatsApp has many advanced features that prioritize your privacy and security. Here are some reasons you should download the Fouad WhatsApp APK. 

1. Privacy 

If you are worried about your privacy on WhatsApp, you can use Fouad WhatsApp as it has many privacy features to protect your media files and message.  

Not only do your messages come with privacy features, but also your status comes with a few privacy features. The app also enables you to tag messages you do not like to be forwarded. 

The latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp is the best-modified version of WhatsApp to maintain your privacy at the top.

2. Customization 

Customizing the Fouad WhatsApp’s interface, the chat settings, and the app’s icon is elementary. The app has many themes that can be assigned for all the chats on Fouad WhatsApp, and you can download them on the app and use them for the settings and the chat box.

Theme from third-party services can also be downloaded on Fouad WhatsApp. The app has more than 50+ icons and hooks available. You can also use live wallpapers for the chat box on Fouad WhatsApp.

3. Security 

You need not use any third-party service to lock your WhatsApp. The Fouad WhatsApp has an in-built app locker feature that can be applied using a PIN, fingerprint, or passcode. The DND mode is also available on Fouad WhatsApp that can be turned on so that you will not be visible to others online. 

Messaging a person without saving their mobile number in your contacts list is possible on Fouad WhatsApp. The media files you receive or send can be hidden in your mobile phone’s gallery. 

4. Safe and Free

Though Fouad WhatsApp is a third-party service, it is safe and free. More than 10 million pepper are already using Fouad WhatsApp, so you can also use the app without any issues. All you have to think of regarding Fouad WhatsApp is that you have to download the Fouad WhatsApp APK from a simple website. 

The Fouad Whatsapp Android APK is found on numerous websites for downloading, but they all tend to be fake sometimes. When changing from the official WhatsApp app to the Fouad WhatsApp, make sure to back up your original WhatsApp app so that you can load the data on the Fouad WhatsApp. 

5. Special Features

The Fouad WhatsApp also comes with many unique features unavailable on the original WhatsApp, and these settings are also not found on the other modified version of WhatsApp. 

You can see all the settings available on the Fouad WhatsApp by clicking on the three vertical dots. You can also be sent your media files in different formats like ZIP, EXE, RAR, APK, etc. 

Many emoji variants can be used on the Fouad WhatsApp by enabling them on the settings tab. If required, you can also download emojis of your choice to apply them on your Fouad WhatsApp.

Top Features Of The Fouad WhatsApp APK

If you are unaware of Fouad WhatsApp’s unique feature, then here is the list of the top quality available on Fouad WhatsApp. 

1. Anti-View Once

This is a new feature to the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp. This feature lets you see the pictures or videos sent with the tag’ view once’, and you can view them limitless times without any limitations.

2. Freeze Last Seen 

Generally, on the original WhatsApp, the last see status of a person can be viewed by oping their chat tab. But, Fouad WhatsApp has allowed its users to freeze their previous seen status timings so that the other contact can see the time that you have fixed.  

3. Disable Forwarded 

If you want to forward a message that has been delivered many times, you will be able to see the tag “Forwarded” on it. The Fouad WhatsApp lets you remove that tag and forward the message as that has never been submitted. 

4. Who can Call

This feature allows you to select who can call you. Using this feature, you can choose the contacts from whom you want to receive calls on WhatsApp. You can also like ‘Nobody’ to not accept calls from everyone.   

5. Hide View Status 

Using this feature, you can view the status of the other contacts by not letting them know that you have considered their position. 

6. Anti-Delete Status 

This privacy feature on the Fouad WhatsApp cancels people on WhatsApp from removing their status for you. When this feature is activated, no one can remove their WhatsApp status only for you. Even if their WhatsApp status is deleted, it will still be visible to you. 

7. Anti-Delete Message 

This feature disabled others from deleting the message they sent to you. Though the person has deleted the message using the feature ‘Delete for everyone, you will be able to read that message on Fouad WhatsApp. 

8. Display Blue Ticks after the Response

Using this privacy feature, you can make your contacts see the blue ticks only after you have replied to their messages. 

9. WhatsApp Lock 

An excellent feature on the Fouad WhatsApp that lets you protect your chat messages from others. Using this feature, you can add a lock that will be needed when opening the Fouad WhatsApp. It has a lot of lock customization choices that you can choose from either the PIN, passcode, or pattern. 

The recovery questions can also be set to assist you when you have forgotten the password. The pattern lock system can be made invisible when applied. The Fouad WhatsApp’s security feature is highly effective and will be helpful for all. 

10. Download themes 

The Fouad WhatsApp comes with a built-in theme collection from which you can download them for free. There are more than 50+thems on the app that is available for its users to use 

11. Load Themes 

If you have already downloaded and used some of the themes available, then you can use this feature to format your themes into the (.xml) extension. 

12. Save Theme 

This feature will come in handy when you want to save your latest customization and the settings in your phone’s gallery. This feature will enable you to restore the theme and use them in the future when needed. 

13. Restore Theme

Using this feature, you can download the theme stored on your phone gallery for future use. 

14. Reset Preferences 

If you want the original theme settings, this feature will let you set the default theme on Fouad WhatsApp. 

15. Colors

Using this feature on Fouad WhatsApp, you can change the colors for the various elements. The elements for which you can change the colors are the status tab, the chat separator, the background, the navigation tab, and more.

16. Styles 

The font styles, icons, emojis, and notification bar can be changed using this feature. All the feels and styles can be customized using this feature on Fouad WhatsApp. 

17. Mask Media from Phone’s Gallary 

If you are facing some storage issues on your mobile phone, you can activate this feature on Fouad WhatsApp to hide the media files on your phone. This will prevent downloading any form of media files onto your mobile phone’s gallery. 

18. Backup and restore

The Fouad WhatsApp has a very advanced restore and backup feature compared to the original WhatsApp. It lets its users back up and clears the backup of all the chats in just one click.

19. More Settings 

A few more features include the disable badge tab, heads-up message, swipe to leave a chat, and more.

Comparison of Fouad WhatsApp & The Regular WhatsApp

There are few differences between the Fouad WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp’s interface; they almost have the exact details. But the Fouad WhatsApp comes with more inbuilt features that make messaging more secure and fun. Let’s go through the various factors of both apps.


The original WhatsApp has an interface set by default and cannot be changed. The Fouad WhatsApp has more than 50+ themes and 4000 designs.


The original WhatsApp had a few limitations, like you could share only 30 pictures and 16MB of videos. On Fouad WhatsApp, you can send 60 photos and 700MB of videos.

Privacy and security

The original WhatsApp can only hide your read receipts and last seen status. Whereas Fouad WhatsApp offers more features to protect your privacy from other contacts. It also has a built-in app locker not available in the original WhatsApp.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download & Update Latest v9.30F

As it is known, the Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp, which implies it is not the same as the other applications. When you attempt downloading it on your mobile phone, the Google Play Store safety feature- Play Protect, will block it.

If you have any other protection app downloaded on your mobile phone, it will stop you from downloading Fouad WhatsApp. This is because many security apps can effectively notice these modified apps and immediately block them. 

However, you can follow the steps below to safely download the latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp for any Android device.

  • First, click on the above button to download the Fouad WhatsApp APK.
  • When you visit the page, press the download button.
  • The third party will send the Fouad WhatsApp file when your request has been received. 
  • Then again, press the Fouad WhatsApp download button.
  • Now, you will obtain a request, ensure all the details entered on it, and if the file is accurate before making the request. 
  • Then, click on the ‘OK; button for the Fouad WhatsApp file to start downloading.
  • Wait until the file is completely downloaded to your browser. 
  • Once the file is completely downloaded, you can the Fouad WhatsApp. 

Now that your Fouad WhatsApp file is downloaded, you can follow these steps and install it on your phone.

  • Go to the folder on the browser and discover the newly downloaded Fouad WhatsApp file.
  • Press the ‘Install’ button to start the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process is fully completed. 
  • When the file is installed, click on ‘Done’ and leave the installer.
  • Now, go to your App Drawer. Launch the Fouad WhatsApp by pressing the app’s icon.
  • When launched, select the ‘Agree and continue button.
  • Enter your cell phone number on the ‘Enter your Mobile Number’ tab to verify it. 
  • An OTP will be sent to confirm your mobile number. 
  • Finally, you can set up your Fouad WhatsApp by creating your profile picture and entering your name. 
  • Once the initialization of the Fouad WhatsApp app is completed, you will be taken to the home page.

The installation process on the Fouad WhatsApp app is straightforward. If you follow all the steps correctly, then if you take only a few minutes of your time. 

If you find that Play Protect is blocking you from downloading the Fouad WhatsApp on your mobile phone, disable it to continue with the installation process. 

How To Install The Fouad WhatsApp APK Latest Version On A PC 

Downloading and installing the Fouad WhatsApp for your PC is very simple. Follow these to get started with the installation process. 

  • Step one is to install an Android emulator on your PC. The most promising one currently is the BlueStacks.
  • You can use the given link to download BlueStacks by clicking on it.
  • Launch it on your PC to configure BlueStacks. 
  • You will be requested to use your Gmail account to sign in when the configuration is completed.
  • After completing the installation and creating an account, you have to download the Fouad WhatsApp APK file on your PC.
  • After downloading the APK file, click on the ‘Install APK’ on the BlueStacks app.
  • Now, you will be requested to indicate the location on your PC where the ‘FouadWhatsApp.apk’ was downloaded.
  • Open the file to install it on your PC.
  • Open the Fouad WhatsApp and select the “Agree and Continue” button.
  • Then, enter your phone number and remain for some time to complete the verification. 
  • Once you have completed the verification process, the Fouad WhatsApp will be available for you to use on your PC.

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp on Android Phone Without Losing WhatsApp Chats?

The Fouad WhatsApp and the original WhatsApp are two different apps, and their manual file is also made individually to install. You can not install both apps onto your phone together and will eventually have to remove one of them. 

When wanting to use Fouad WhatsApp, you have to transfer all the data and the messages from the original WhatsApp to the newly installed Fouad WhatsApp. Or else you will end up losing all the data and the message’s history. 

Follow these steps to install the Fouad WhatsApp on your phone without losing the data on your original WhatsApp. 

  • Do not uninstall your original WhatsApp from your mobile phone.
  • Now, activate the unknown sources on your Android device’s settings.
  • Click on the Unknown Sources button. 
  • Then install the Fouad WhatsApp pp by following the steps mentioned above. 
  • When launched, under the option ‘Enter your Mobile Number’ tab, you will notice ‘Copy WhatsApp Data.’
  • Select that box to copy all the data from the original WhatsApp to the newly installed Fouad WhatsApp.
  • All data will be copied, including your images, messages, profile picture, and setting.
  • After your phone number is confirmed, all your data will be restored by backing it up.

That’s it. Now you will be able to view all the data, and the message history on your WhatsApp will have been moved to the newly installed Fouad WhatsApp. 

Why Is Fouad WhatsApp Not Downloading?

Downloading the official WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store to our mobile phone is simple. But downloading its modified app onto your handset can be challenging. Since Fouad WhatsApp is unavailable on the Play Store, it must be installed using a source from the browser. This is the issue; it sometimes does not get downloaded easily on all devices. 

There could be many reasons why Fouad WhatsApp is not downloading on your Device, and I have mentioned some of the primary reasons why you might not be able to install Fouad WhatsApp on your Device below. 

The Various Errors In Your Mobile Phone

When you try installing the app on your mobile phone, it might indicate problems or errors. The issues will be displayed in numbers. The primary reason is that there might not be sufficient storage space in your google account.

Or it can also be said that your Device has excessive unwanted data. So, you have to delete all of them and try installing your Fouad WhatsApp again, and there will be no issues like this.

Low Space In Your Device

Sometimes, when installing the app on a device with shallow storage space, it might not get installed. This is a pervasive issue, and everyone faces it. All you have to do is remove some unwanted files or unused apps from your Device. 

If the files are critical, they can be moved to another storage space using the data synchronization platforms. Once you have made enough space for the app, you will be able to install the app easily on your Device. 

The Device Doesn’t Support Downloads From Unauthorized Sources.

If your Device does not support downloading apps from an unauthorized source, that can be a momentary hurdle. Though this can be fixed quickly, you will have to make changes to your phone’s settings.  

You will have to change the download settings on your phone to allow you to install apps from unauthorized sources. After doing this, the installation process will be very smooth.

The Software Is Outdated

If your mobile phone’s operating system is old, it will not let you download any new app. There is no solution to this issue. This problem might happen when you update the app or try downloading it once again. This is a typical problem; however, there is no answer to it rather than getting yourself a new mobile phone.

Pros & Cons Of Fouad WhatsApp 

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Fouad WhatsApp are mentioned below so that you can utilize the app correctly. 


  • Lets its users change the complete interface of the app by adjusting the colors, wallpapers, and themes.
  • Can create scheduled messages and auto-replies to be sent to the contacts.
  • It comes with an in-built app lock to protect all messages. 
  • Can view the deleted messages received and the deleted status by the contacts.
  • Can hide your last seen timings and your online status when online. 


Here are a few reasons why Fouad WhatsApp is not installed on your Device. 

  • The original WhatsApp is not uninstalled from your Device. 
  • Play Protect is activated on your Device.
  • You don’t have 5.1 or the above version of Android. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fouad WhatsApp 

1. How to Update the Fouad WhatsApp app?

Ans: You can manually update the Fouad WhatsApp to its latest version by downloading it from the website and installing it on your mobile phone. By doing this, the latest version will replace the old version. 

2. Why is Fouad WhatsApp not Installed?

Ans: Here are a few reasons why Fouad WhatsApp is not installed on your Device. 

3. Why is Fouad WhatsApp not Installed?

Here are a few reasons why Fouad WhatsApp is not installed on your Device. 
The original WhatsApp is not uninstalled from your Device. 
Play Protect is activated on your Device.
You don’t have 5.1 or the above version of Android. 

4. How to Perform Backup in Fouad WhatsApp?

Ans: You must utilize Fouad WhatsApp’s in-built backup feature named Titanium Backup to back all the media files and messages. It can be accessed by going to Settings > Backup > Revive.

5. How to Unhide Chat in Fouad WhatsApp?

Ans: You must enter the passcode to unhide the chats on the Fouad WhatsApp. To do this, click on the vertical dots beside the message box and select the option’ Unhide.’


So, here is everything you need to know about the latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp and how to install it on your devices.

The Fouad WhatsApp is a fantastic app if you are looking for more features and privacy compared to the original WhatsApp. 

Hopefully, this article will help you get started with Fouad WhatsApp.   

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