GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version (July 2022)

Instagram is the most used social networking platform, with billions of active users globally. The platform lets its users share pictures, stories, and videos with their audience. In this article, you will understand the entire GB Instagram APK download process, its features, and more. I will also explain its features so that you can maximize the app’s usage.  

GBInstagram Download

But Instagram has a few downsides that make the user experience nasty and irritating. And if you are among those who have a terrible experience with Instagram, then it would be best if you tried using one of their app versions to get a better experience. GB Instagram is also among the MOD; you can try it to get more benefits than the existing Instagram app.

What Is GB Instagram 

The GB Instagram app is the modified version of the original Instagram app. This MOD comes with many features, providing its users with better benefits and management over the app. You get features like GBWhatsApp in this APK.

The drawbacks in the official Instagram app, which make the user experience bad, are eliminated in the GB Instagram app. Instead, the app comes with more advanced features in the latest version that are unavailable on the original Instagram app.

All these features make the app more fun and exciting to use. The GB Instagram app interface is also the same as the Instagram app’s interface, so you need not require any technical skills to operate the app.  

Additionally, the GB Instagram app does not come with hidden costs or extra charges as the app is from its original developers and not from the Google Play Store. It is also free to download from its developers. 

There are many third-party Instagram platforms, but the GB Instagram app is known for its privacy and security. The app provides users a more satisfactory experience than the official Instagram version.

Why Should You Download GB Instagram APK

GB Instagram is ranked the no.1 MODs of the Instagram app. It is more flexible and lets you enjoy more control and authority over your account when compared to the original Instagram app. The problems you have faced with the basic app version are all taken care of in the GB Instagram. Here are a few reasons why you should use GB Instagram.

The app has more specific and advanced features not present in the original Instagram version or on the other MODs. The app lets you download pictures and videos from anyone’s Instagram account without using any third-party service.

The platform lets you know who has unfollowed you and tells you about the recent trends on the app. It is one of the top apps that has more than 100k downloads. With its jaw-dropping and stunning features, you will love the app.

Top Features Of The GB Instagram APK

The GB Instagram app comes with many inbuilt features that make it rank the no.1 MODs of the Instagram app. Below I have discussed some of the GB Instagram app’s features that will help you make full use of the app. If you are looking for more followers then don’t miss to checkout InstaUp APK.

1. Download Photos and Videos

This is the most significant feature available on the GB Instagram app. The original version of the Instagram app does not allow its users to download the photos or videos posted by other Instagram users. 

You must screenshot the images to get them on your mobile phone’s gallery. This is also possible only for photos and not for videos. The photo’s resolution will also be low because of this. 

But, the GB Instagram app allows you to download the photos and videos of other users. The pictures and videos can be downloaded at the original resolution in which it was posted. You can also checkout popular WhatsApp Mod FMWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp

2. Dual Instagram

This feature was added only recently to the GB Instagram app. The original version of the Instagram app lets its users use only one account simultaneously. 

But with this feature on the GBInstagram APK, you can use more than a single Instagram account, and this feature entirely eradicates the requirement of its users to Login and Log out using the different accounts.

It is an absolute delight for people with an account for their business and another for their personal use. Through this feature, they can jump from one account to another by clicking on the ‘Change Account’ button.

3. Customization

I know everyone is bored with the plain interface of the Instagram app. To make our Instagram app look more colorful with some great designs, the GB Instagram app provides you with many themes that come with designs and styles.   

You can select the theme of your choice to apply them to the GB Instagram app’s interface and make your app look colorful and pretty. You can also choose your favorite fonts for your captions.

4. Hide Your Online Status

If you don’t want others to know that you are using the app, you can take advantage of this feature. If this feature is activated, you can easily view others’ stories without knowing that you have seen them.

You can also go through your Instagram feed without letting others know that you are currently using the app. This features this for anyone who wants to keep seeing the other person’s story without letting them know you have seen them. The app completely satisfies your introvert requirements as a private user. 

5. Copy Bio or Caption

There are circumstances when you might like a person’s bio or post captions and want to use them immediately. But, the original Instagram app does not let you do this. 

The GB Instagram app allows users to copy anyone’s bio or post’s caption immediately and can be stored anywhere else. Also, anyone’s comments can be copied from the comment box. This may seem simple and small, but it makes things more effortless for everyone. 

6. Mark any message

The original Instagram app does not let its users mark or highlight any messages sent or received in the chat box. But, the GB Instagram app has this excellent feature so that we do not lose any messages we need afterward. All you have to do is to master the message that you want with a start so you can easily find them later when you require it.

7. In-built auto translator

Instagram is an app available to people worldwide; it is not easy to know everyone’s language. When you see a comment or a post’s caption in another language, it might not be easy to google translate it to understand it. But the GB Instagram app has easily solved this issue by introducing its built-in auto-translation feature.

It lets you see things in your preferred language. You can also see the comments and captions of the posts in your select language by clicking on the ‘See translation’ button. This will help you comprehend the information entirely without you missing any information. 

8. Zoom-in options

The original Instagram app does not have the zooming-in feature, and it does not let you zoom in on any of the profile pictures or images shared in your messages. 

But on the GB Instagram app, you can use this feature to zoom into the profile picture of others and images that are being shared with you on the messenger. By simply tapping on any of the shared photos, you can zoom in on any picture.

9. Anti-ban APK and Root not Required

The GB Instagram app is entirely free to install and use. No extra costs or hidden payments will be involved when using the GB Instagram app. 

These are also some other Instagram MODs that you will find on the internet, but these MODs will get banned after using them for some period. But the GB Instagram is developed to be used for an extended period and will not get banned quickly. 

A few third-party apps also require your android device to be rooted so that they can adequately perform. But the GB Instagram app does not demand your android device to be rooted.  

10. Unfollow Tracker

Through this feature, you can know if a person has unfollowed you or not. When a person on Instagram unfollows you, you will receive a notification telling you that the person has unfollowed you. 

11. App Lock

The GB Instagram app comes with an inbuilt locking functionality that enables you to lock the app using a postcode, PIN, or pattern. You need not install any other third-party individual apps to close your Instagram app. 

12. External Player Supported

This feature lets its users play any video on the GB Instagram app using an external player. All you have to do is to click on the three vertical dots and select preview. Once you have done this, the video will be played on an external device, and you can enjoy it.  

So, keeping in mind all these fantastic features, make the GB Instagram app the best alternative compared to other Instagram MODs available in the market. 

Comparison of GB Instagram & The Regular Instagram 

Features  GB Instagram Instagram
Check if an Individual is Following You Possible  Not possible 
Save posts Posts can be saved to your device’s gallery  Posts cannot be saved to your device’s gallery 
Save Story  The story can be saved to your device’s gallery  The story cannot be saved to your device’s gallery 
Repost from Feed Can make reposts instantly  Cannot make reposts. 
Anonymous Story View You can view story status by hiding your identity.  Your username will be shown if you see others’ story status.
Ad blocker It completely blocks the ads. It does not block the ads.

GB Instagram APK Download & Update Latest Version

Name  GB Instagram
Developer  GB Instagram
Size  60.5 MB
Package Name
Version  4.0
Safety  Safe
Language  English
Playstore  Not Available On The Google Play Store

The GB Instagram app is not on the Google Play Store for downloading. You can download it from the below download button

This installation manual will assist you in finishing the installation procedure. Follow the below-given steps to install the GB Instagram app on your Android device.

  • First, download the GB Instagram APK file on your Device from any third-party service.
  • Then, enable the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ button on the Device’s settings. 
  • Make a note of the file’s location on your Device. 
  • Tap the button named ‘Install’ and remain for some time until the procedure is completed. 
  • After installing the GB Instagram app, you can create an account by signing in.
  • Use your existing Instagram account details to log in to the app.

Now that your app is installed, you can enjoy all its features. Always download the GB Instagram APK file from a trusted website for safety and security.

How To Install The GB Instagram APK Latest Version On a PC / Mac

You can also use the GB Instagram app on your PC. You can follow the steps below to complete the installation process on your PC.

  • As the first step, you will need an android emulator to download any MODs on your PC.
  • The most promising one currently is the BlueStacks.
  • You can use the given link to download BlueStacks by clicking on it.
  • On the homepage, in the upper right corner, you will notice ‘Download BlueStacks.’ Click on it.
  • Once you have downloaded the file, select the bluestacks.exe file to install the platform. Select ‘Next’ when the pop-up installation tab arises.
  • Once again, select ‘Next.’ Do not alter the storage location for the app data.
  • You will receive an ‘installation completed’ notification. Pick ‘Finish’ to install BlueStacks successfully.
  • Launch it on your PC to configure BlueStacks. 
  • Then, choose your preferred language. 
  • You will be requested to use your Gmail account to sign in when the configuration is completed.
  • Enter all your details asked to complete the process. 
  • After completing the installation and creating an account, you have to download the GB Instagram Apk file on your PC.
  • After downloading the APK file, click on the ‘Install APK’ on the BlueStacks app.
  • Now, you will be requested to indicate the location on your PC where the ‘GBInstagram.apk’ was downloaded.
  • Please open the file to install it on your PC. It will be installed in some time.
  • You can open the app and verify your email ID to use the app on your PC.

Now that the GB Instagram app is on your PC, you can enjoy all the features of GBInstagram on your PC and not only on mobile phones.

Why Is GB Instagram Not Downloading

Downloading the official Instagram application from the Google Play Store to our mobile phone is simple. But downloading its modified app onto your handset can be challenging. Since the GB Instagram app is unavailable on the Play Store, it must be installed using a source from the browser. This is the issue; it sometimes does not get downloaded easily on all devices. 

There could be many reasons the GB Instagram app is not downloading on your Device, and I have mentioned some of the primary reasons why you might not be able to install the GB Instagram app on your Device below. 

The Various Errors In Your Mobile Phone

When you try installing the app on your mobile phone, it might indicate problems or errors. The issues will be displayed in numbers. The primary reason is that there might not be sufficient storage space in your google account.

Or it can also be said that your Device has excessive unwanted data. So, you have to delete all of them and try installing your GB Instagram app again, and there will be no issues like this.

Low Space In Your Device

Sometimes, when installing the app on a device with shallow storage space, it might not get installed. This is a pervasive issue, and everyone faces it. All you have to do is remove some unwanted files or unused apps from your Device. 

If the files are critical, they can be moved to another storage space using the data synchronization platforms. Once you have made enough space for the app, you will be able to install the app easily on your Device. 

The Device Doesn’t Support Downloads From Unauthorized Sources.

If your Device does not support downloading apps from an unauthorized source, that can be a momentary hurdle. Though this can be fixed quickly, you will have to make changes to your phone’s settings.  

You will have to change the download settings on your phone to allow you to install apps from unauthorized sources. After doing this, the installation process will be very smooth.

The Software Is Outdated

If your mobile phone’s operating system is old, it will not let you download any new app. There is no solution to this issue. This problem might happen when you update the app or try downloading it once again. This is a typical problem; however, there is no answer to it rather than getting yourself a new mobile phone.

Pros & Cons Of GB Instagram

Every MOD comes with its advantages and disadvantages. You can decide if it is beneficial to use a modified Instagram app or if it is good to stick to the original version of the Instagram app.


  • You can hide the story status viewing on the app so that the person will not know that you have seen their story status. 
  • You can inspect if an individual is following you or not by just looking at the profile picture.
  • You can download pictures and videos posted by others on the Instagram app at the original resolution. 
  • You can instantly download the bio or post captions that are posted by others.
  • Reposting photos and videos instantly from your feed is easily possible. 


  • Since the app is from a third-party service, there are chances of risk involved.
  • Your account may get banned by the original Instagram app. 
  • The app is a little slower in its operation when compared to the original Instagram app. 
  • The app might also make your Device slower if not updated regularly.


So here is everything you need to know about the features of the latest version of the GB Instagram app.

As I mentioned in the article, the GB Instagram app comes with many unique built-in features that make it stand out from all the other MODs and the original Instagram app.  

Going through all its features, I am sure you will want to download the GB Instagram app. I hope this article will come in handy when looking for an installation guide for the GB Instagram app.

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