IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand review

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REVIEW – Every day I carry a backpack to work. In that bag, I always have my iPad and my laptop, and as soon as I get into my office, I take the laptop out of my bag and place it on my desk. I then attach multiple devices/accessories and then I am ready to start working. Over time I have noticed that I need to place the laptop at a better angle so that there is less pressure on my wrists. I also have to disconnect devices to replace them with others since I have limited USB ports built into the laptop. The ideal solution would be an adjustable stand that does double duty as a dock with a variety of ports. I think this IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand might be the answer.

What is it?

The IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand is a multi-functional laptop stand/USB-C hub that extends one USB-C port to six useful ports: 1x HDMI®, 2x USB-A, 1x USB-C for data, 1x USB-C for 100W PD charging, and 1x gigabit Ethernet port.

What’s in the box

1 x IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

Design and features


  • Folding Collapsible Laptop Stand w/ Built-In USB-C Docking Station
  • Extend one USB-C port to be HDMI, 2 USB-A, Type-C data, RJ45, and PD Charging port
  • 2x USB-A USB3.2 Gen1 with max 5Gbps
  • 1x USB-C USB3.2 Gen1 with max 5Gbps (data only)
  • 1x HDMI up to [email protected]
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 1x USB-C PD Pass-through port up to 100W max, fast role swap, PD 3.0
  • 5 adjustable gears from 15 degrees to 36 degrees
  • Cable wrap design: Secure cable under the stand for storage when not in use
  • Folding design: collapsible stand for easy storage


Upstream Port: USB-C Built-in USB 3.2 G1 Type-C Cable
Downstream Port: HDMI 1x HDMI (Up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30hz); Ethernet 1x Gigabit Ethernet port; USB-A 2x USB-A 3.2 ports up to 5gbps; USB-C 1x USB-C 3.2 port up to 5gbps
Power: Power Delivery Pass-Thru PD 3.0 up to 100W (A total of up to 88W can be charged to the laptop after deduction of max 12W used by the dock)
Operating System Requirements: Mac Mac OS x 10.14+; Windows Windows 10
Unit Dimensions: Height 0.82″ (2.1cm); Length 10″ (25.6 cm); Width 2.36″ (6 cm)

This stand/dock is made of mostly metal with a few rubber parts as grips. It has a built-in USB-C cable for connectivity to a laptop and all of the ports are on the left side of the device. There are “legs” that are adjustable and can be placed into slots to prove an adjustable viewing angle. In the middle of the sides of the device, there is an “X” brace that allows you to close or expand the stand for use or storage.


The IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand opens easily and the supports also easily adjust for the appropriate viewing angle. There are 5 slots to choose from for the viewing angle.

Here is the view from the back. I route the built-in USB-C cable around the back and into the USB-C port on the left side of my laptop.

It looks like a bit of a maze, but in the photo below, I have a USB external hard drive, and a USB wireless adapter for my wireless mouse plugged into the stand.

Overall I really like the IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand and I use it every day when I am at work. It provides the perfect viewing angle for me and has enough connectivity to meet my needs. Unlike some other docks that I own, this one is collapsable and portable and does not require any external power for every scenario. I briefly tested the HDMI and ethernet ports and both work well. I also do like the feature of the Power Delivery port since depending on the accessories and use, that power is needed. What I am most interested in is how this meets my daily needs and without a doubt it does.

What I like

  • The compact size and portability
  • The connectivity
  • The design and build quality
  • The USB-C main connection
  • The level/angle adjustment

What I’d change

  • I would like it to open a bit wider

Final thoughts

Since the first day, I opened the IOGEAR Dock Pro 6-in-1 4K Dock Stand, I have not stopped using it. It is very convenient and in addition to offering connectivity, it is a really nice laptop stand that allows me to choose just the right angle for my laptop. I do not use all the ports daily, but I like having all the connectivity. I give this dock a well done and 2 thumbs up!!

Price: $89.99
Where to buy: iogear website and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by IOGear

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