Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit review – Keeping it clean & classy

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REVIEW – Gentlemen: we need to clean up our business. That’s where Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit comes in. It is a full grooming kit with attachments and accessories to trim all the places. How well does it work? To the review!

What is it?

The Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit is a full-body grooming kit.

What’s in the box?

Your kit includes:

  • The base unit
  • The foil shaving attachment with a travel cover
  • A full-size trimmer attachment with 6 guide combs (1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm)
  • A precision trimmer attachment
  • A nose hair trimmer attachment
  • A body hair trimmer attachment with four different guards (1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm)

You’ll also get the charging base, a power cord, a cleaning brush, a bottle of blade oil, and a barber’s cape.

Hardware specs

  • Motor: DC 3V
  • Noise Level: ≤30db
  • Adapter: 100-240V
  • Work Time: 120 mins
  • Battery Type: 600mAh Li-ion
  • Item Weight (pounds/kilogram): 5 oz

Design and features

The Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit starts with a handle/base unit that’s 5″ by 1.5″ at its widest point before adding attachments. It’s big may look big but a super lightweight build, sculpted contouring to the handle, and some grippy texturing on the front face make it surprisingly agile and maneuverable as you’re using it.

A rotary drive shaft powers all the attachments, adjusting the rotation speed based on the attachment connected to the handle.

Every one of your attachments boasts the same cap configuration so that you can quickly pop off one attachment and snap on another. It’s important to note that, while the build is tight, this trimmer is not designed for wet work. Don’t use it in the shower!

Here’s a closeup of how the attachments pop into place.

The kit includes a base you can put on your counter that holds the handle and all the attachments.  

This base will also hold the full-size trimmer combs. Unfortunately, there is no bag or case for the rest of your kit (the precision trimmer guards, the apron, the cleaning brush & blade oil) so you’ll need to find somewhere to stash the extra bits.

The charging cable included in the kit can be plugged directly into the handle of the trimmer, or you can plug it into the base and charge the unit when it’s placed on the stand.

I will note that the LED on the handle is super bright. I had the base set up on my dresser as shown below, but the LED is active as long as it’s plugged in. It was way too bright to be on while sleeping. Given the long run time of the battery, I opted to just store the kit under my sink in the bathroom & recharge as needed.

You’ll push that big power icon to fire up the trimmer. While it’s running you’ll get a steady update on the RPM speed of the device and the remaining battery minutes during operation. Knowing the exact available operation time is pretty great, but I’m not entirely sure what the practical use is for knowing the RPM speed.

The Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit trimmer also has a lock mode for travel. Push and hold the button for three seconds, and you’ll see a little lock icon blink next to that charging timer. That means that the trimmer won’t operate until the button is pressed and held for three seconds again.

There are 5 attachments included in the kit. The first is a foil-style shaver that includes a storage cap to protect the blade heads.

The full-size trimmer is for big jobs like haircuts and facial hair trimming/shaping, and includes 6 different guide combs that snap in place for use.

The guide combs are made from rugged plastic and lock tightly into place when snapped on. You’ll pull up on that little tab at the bottom of the comb to pop it off the trimmer.

The precision trimmer is designed for finer detail work.

The body hair trimmer can be used with or without guides, which snap onto the sides of the trimmer. These guides come in 4 different sizes.

Lat but not least you’ll find an accessory for trimming nose and ear hairs. Those gaps in the post are where the magic happens.

The kit is rounded out with a cleaning brush, a bottle of blade oil, and a plastic barber cape. I do wish it had a storage solution for all the parts and maybe a travel bag for the handle/foil shaver combo, but I’m OK with their absence given the quality of the kit and the price point.


As I mentioned above, the Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit handles really nicely for day-to-day use. The unit feels big, but the lightweight design and contoured grip make for easy maneuverability. I have had no issues getting to the places that need a trim or a shave.

The shaver collects the trimmings in the housing, which will get funky after a week or two. The included brush makes short work of cleanup.

I’ve found that all of the attachments work as designed at their designated jobs. I can’t grow a beard to save my life, but the full-size & precision trimmers work just fine for keeping my buzz cut high-and-tight. The body hair trimmer works great in other areas, including the more delicate bits. Trims are clean and smooth all around.

I’ve never had a dedicated nose/ear hair trimmer before. That thing works great!

Battery life is impressive with the Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit. I went over three weeks before I had to do my first charge. The bright counter gives you a clear (and accurate) sense of when you’re going to run out of juice so that you can plan accordingly. You’ll be able to take this unit for an extended vacation without charges.

I’d describe the overall build as being designed for light duty. You’ll have no issues using the trimmer on the daily at home, but I don’t think the lightweight materials will hold up to heavy punishment. If you beat your gear up or have a tendency to drop things, this may not be your best choice.

What I like

  • Lightweight & comfortable to handle
  • Provides everything you need in one kit
  • Excellent battery life
  • Great performance across all of the attachments

What needs to be improved

  • Lightweight build may not be ideal for heavy travel or those prone to the dropsies
  • Not waterproof or water resistant
  • Would like to see a storage solution included for all the parts

Final thoughts

I think the Memorism Blizz GS5 Grooming Kit is a great value for what it is: a complete grooming kit that boasts solid performance at an inexpensive price point. At under $50 it feels like a great bargain to me; just be aware of the build limitations if you do a lot of travel or put your gear through a lot of punishment.

Price: $42.99
Where to buy: Get it at the Memorism web site and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Memorism.

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