MSI MPG Velox 100R Chassis Critique

Observe Andy go to town on the MSI MPG Velox 100R chassis in the video previously mentioned.

Important time stamps:

00:33 – Specs&#13

02:36 – Benchmarks&#13

08:45 – Attributes and Make Excellent

28:35 – Conclusion

MSI has been in the Pc ingredient business as extensive as we can recall, and whilst it is been producing motherboards considering the fact that currently being fashioned in 1986 and graphics playing cards because 1997, it’s still a relative newcomer to a whole lot of the marketplaces.

Currently we’re wanting at 1 of the newest cases, the MPG Velox 100R, because of to be produced in late Oct/early November, together with a a lot more efficiency-centered 100P Airflow design.&#13

The scenario stands at 490mm x 474mm x 231mm (HxDxW) so reasonably mid-sized for a mid-tower. It has tempered glass entrance and aspect panels, despite the fact that a minor on the skinny aspect at 3mm, and comes with 4 120mm ARGB PWM followers and an ARGB LED strip jogging down the side of the PSU shroud. The style is a small uninspired and appears very similar to the several windowed RGB scenarios on the marketplace now, but it is also inoffensive and would sit properly in a lot of setups.&#13

All the RGB in the circumstance will come connected to a smaller, simple LED controller guiding the motherboard, which can be controlled as a result of a button on the entrance I/O, or related to your motherboard via a 3-pin 5v ARGB header, to enable manage by means of your motherboard computer software. The front I/O also has energy, reset, 2x USB 3. Sort-A and a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Kind-C (10Gbps) while these are spread down the correct side of the situation, so substantially so that the USB-C port is midway down and could result in accessibility problems dependent on where you scenario is located.&#13

The circumstance unfortunately suffers from some make excellent challenges. The metal is rather skinny at .7-.8mm for the most portion, created all the a lot more flimsy by most panels acquiring any spare space ventilated. Even kinds that never need to have it like the leading of the PSU shroud are closely ventilated, irrespective of the only air flow in the base of the case becoming directly beneath the PSU. The PSU shroud has a window for you to demonstrate off your provide, but it’s partially blocked by the black border of the window and is also quite smaller and will very likely slash off most ATX PSU badges. &#13

MSI delivers a vertical GPU mount which is fortunately made of thicker steel and provides great guidance to the GPU, with no recognizable sag. But from there points just take a flip for the even worse. None of the six standoff placements fit my Corsair PCI-e riser and set up was a real headache. The bracket just can’t be set up with the motherboard in place owing to bumps on the PCI bracket tabs that slot into the motherboard tray, nor can you install the GPU with the bracket in place, as two of the screws to secure the GPU in spot are below the rear lover, too close to use a screwdriver. &#13

Thumbscrews would function, but aren’t provided, so you have to attached the GPU to the vertical mount initial, which then blocks the bottom of the motherboard and entry to Hd audio, USB, admirer headers, and so on. &#13

At the again issues enhance a very little, since cable management is effectively-catered-for with the structure of the case. There is 25mm of depth to perform with and 24 cable-tie points unfold correct across the motherboard tray, so all cables, no subject their route, can be neatly tucked in. It’s just a shame MSI only give you two Velcro straps and 5 cable ties.&#13

You need to have them tied down limited, far too, as the rear panel is only secured to the case at the front and rear edge. I thought it would be a rather a problem at initial, practically nothing to protected probable cable bulge, but in follow it operates fairly well. The front slotting in first and acting almost like a hinge to swing the door shut and maintain it with a single hand and securing the self-retaining thumbscrews with the other. Indeed, the panel does bulge away a small, but with thorough cable administration it’s not poor at all and a lot less difficult than combating with the traditional model of again-panel fastenings.&#13

For storage there’s a pair of 2.5in push sleds driving the motherboard that connect on rubber grommets to quell any vibrations from regular HDDs. The 3.5in bay below the PSU shroud does not fare so properly though. The metal body is paper-slim and would effortlessly be weakened when transferring it about, as it can be moved amongst two distinctive positions, but there is only 30mm variation between them. It can only in shape just one generate sled, with a 2nd travel acquiring to be hooked up direct to the leading of the cage, despite there getting ample height for a two-sled cage. The sled is a created of low-cost plastic with no vibration dampening supplied anyplace. It is at least tool-considerably less, but I would suggest utilizing a screwdriver to take out the cage absolutely and dispose of it, liberating up home for excess electric power cables, as there’s cherished area everywhere else.&#13

The supporters talked about previously a generally affordable, much too, with the vibration dampening on the corners becoming foam, not rubber, and currently forever imprinted from the admirer mounts. They are quiet at comprehensive speed though, with the whole scenario coming out at 34.1dB in stock admirer development. That stock admirer formation of owning the front three intakes attached to the outside the house of the chassis rails was the worst performing even though. Merely shifting to the again of the lover mounts and absent from the glass front decreased CPU temps by 2.4°C and GPU by 1.6°C. Going two enthusiasts to the facet consumption and adding the 3rd as yet another exhaust in the roof (little bit-tech stalwarts might recall that formation effectively) proved even much better, lowering temps by 2.9°C and 1.8°C, respectively.&#13

The genuine kicker is the price. With the seems to be and feels of myriad glass-panelled RGB cases from the likes of GameMax, Aerocool, Deepcool, etc., which provide for £45-£70, MSI want to charge £130. Which is not a typo, MSI seriously want to demand you double for what I truly come to feel is a £65 circumstance. Even with the inclusion of the vertical GPU mount, price could be pushed up to £75. MSI has not been in the circumstance video game very long adequate to desire that kind of quality, especially with create excellent that isn’t extraordinary.&#13


• Good cooling potential&#13

• Full complement of peaceful admirers presented&#13

• Flexible mounting for enthusiasts and rads&#13

• Included vertical GPU mount&#13


• Fan set up out of box is sub-exceptional&#13

• Materials employed are slim and low-priced-sensation&#13

•3.5in drive cage and vertical GPU mount inadequately carried out&#13

• High cost premium&#13

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