Philips Hue vs WiZ vs TP-Link Tapo In contrast – The greatest sensible house lights selections

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I have reviewed rather a number of Philips Hue merchandise more than the previous few months. Extra not too long ago, Wiz has despatched me some samples to consider out.

WiZ is a fairly new clever lighting brand that was established in 2017 and grew to become component of Signify in 2019. This spots them underneath the same firm that manufactures Philips Hue products. Wiz, as a result, would seem to be the reasonably priced alternate to Philips Hue.

The Philips Hue bulbs historically made use of Zigbee and needed the Hue Bridge to work. More not long ago, they have generated bulbs that also operate with Bluetooth.

For Wiz, all these bulbs use WiFi and do not have to have any hub at all.

Wiz has expanded its product range rapidly above the a long time and currently has a vary of 77 merchandise you can acquire.

I was not too long ago despatched a sample of a few items:

  • WiZ Luminaire Cell Portable Light-weight
  • Wiz 18.5W LED (150W equivalent) E27
  • Wiz 8W B22

Just before I transfer on to the overview, I believed it would be value evaluating some of the popular sensible lighting remedies on the market.

I am also absent that there are a good deal of other selections. In individual, you really don’t require sensible bulbs. Depending on your specifications, the very best remedy may possibly be smart gentle switches, which will be much less expensive and enable a increased quantity of smart managed bulbs.

Product or service Assortment

Hue has gentle strips, flooring lamps, bulbs and a lot far more

I have not additional up all the one of a kind merchandise, and every single brand name has multi-packs which skew the quantities. On the other hand, Philips Hue has the widest assortment of products by much:

  • Philips Hue:
  • Wiz:
  • TP-Url Tapo

The significant Hue product or service line-up features a wide selection of outside lighting and 150 goods within just the monitor lighting area.

For full residence installations with a assortment of indoor and outside lighting, Hue is by far the greatest.

Wiz has 33 lights beneath the Luminaires classification. These are essentially spotlights, ceiling lights and table lamps. There are no outdoor lights.

Tapo only has indoor bulbs and mild strips.

Bulb General performance Comparison

All 3 organizations have a lot of choices, but I have chosen three bulbs to gauge if there are any important differences between the bulbs and over-all functionality.

For comparison, I selected the 800-lumen equal bulbs with entire color employing the E27 fitting.

  • Wiz:
    • Nominal luminous flux – 806 lm
    • Colour temperature – 2200-6500 K+ total colour
  • Philips Hue Warm-to-cool white and colour
    • Lumen output at 4000K – 830 lm
    • Color temperature – 2000K-6500K +16 million hues
    • Max Stand by electricity – .5w

Tapo L530E

  • 2 12 months warranty
    • Standard Lumen Output- 806 lm
    • Color temperature – 2200-6500 K+ comprehensive colour

The higher than specs were pulled directly from the manufacturer’s web sites, and it is difficult to match up the specs like for like.

I struggled to come across like-for-like pricing also. Philips have a entire-colour E27 mild marketed at 800 lumens with an RRP of £50, but you would be mad to spend that substantially for it. I suspect they are phasing these out for the new 75W 1100 lumen models, which are £43 on Amazon.

Wiz has the 13W (100W eq) A76 bulb with an output of 1521 lumen for £18.

Like-for-like comparisons appear to be irrelevant as Wiz is always the additional value-effective decision.

For the lower run bulbs, it seems that Philips Hue is a lot more electrical power effective, with the 800lm product employing 6.5w maximum ability whilst the Wiz takes advantage of 8w. On the other hand, that benefit seems to diminish for the better rated styles with the 1600 lm Hue bulb working with 13.5 W vs 13W.

TP-Backlink Tapo has a excellent selection of inexpensive smart residence products and solutions. I am notably eager on the Tapo P110 intelligent plug, which has power monitoring. It is something I have utilised thoroughly in my various energy expenses posts.

For lights, the Tapo L530E comfortably undercuts each Wiz and Hue for pricing on Amazon. It is currently just £7.49, and it is usually all-around £9. Nevertheless, which is the only E27 bulb they have, and it only does 800lumens.


Philips Hue may well surface overpriced in comparison to the others, but it is the most experienced solution with an exceptional app, the most capabilities, better 3rd get together integration and just superior all round performance. You are shelling out a quality selling price for a top quality products.

Philips Hue connects either by means of Bluetooth or the hub working with Zigbee. If you use the hub, it supports 50 bulbs, and from my encounter, there is not often any situation with the signal.

Both of those Wiz and Tapo connect by way of WiFi. In concept, there is no limit on how many you can insert, but 200 is the highest you’d possible hope and only if your router supports that lots of gadgets on WiFi. In fact, I would not want 50, let by itself 200 WiFi-connected bulbs on my community.

All 3 manufacturers do the job with Alexa, Google and HomeKit. They all get the job done with House Assistant as well.

Wiz has a good assortment of wise home integrations under its configurations. As properly as the above, you have possibilities this kind of as IFTTT, SmartThings, Homey and much more. Tapo is confined to just IFTTT.

All three makes have movement sensors. I have not experimented with the TP-Url or Wiz sensors, but the Philips Hue sensor is the most dependable sensor I have employed, with a wonderful battery daily life. The Hue application has practical options that have day and night time options as default and will change lighting based mostly on existing luminescence during the daytime.

Philips Hue also has the included benefit of Hue sync, which will allow you to synchronise your lights with songs, movies and game titles.

In general

My summary is possible obvious to most probable buyers.

Philips Hue is by considerably the ideal clever lights alternative. They have a extensive variety of products and solutions, the Zigbee/Clever Hub strategy of connectivity is remarkable to WiFi, and they have a significantly a lot more mature ecosystem, specifically the application working experience and integration with other devices.

The downside to that is the value of Philips Hue solutions.

WiZ seems to be the ideal selection if you want to devote in very a lot of lights but without having the expenditure. They have a broad choice of items that really should make it possible for you to create a whole property sensible lights resolution without having breaking the lender.

Tapo has rather a restricted merchandise assortment, but they have just one of the most effective sensible plugs on the industry, and they are amazingly reasonably priced. If you only will need a number of clever lights, then they are effortless to advise, and it makes feeling to adhere with them if you previously use any Tapo solutions.

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