Redodo 12V 200Ah Furthermore LiFePO4 Battery evaluation – Electrical power every little thing, for a tiny significantly less.

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Evaluation – Right before the pandemic when I worked in an genuine business, our developing was powered by the major solar array in our state.  We could park our autos beneath it, because it lined the parking good deal.  If you had an electric powered car, you could charge it up for totally free.  I genuinely liked being aware of that the strength I was utilizing at operate was mainly carbon-no cost.  

When we switched to work-from-home, I skipped that, so I decided to reproduce what I experienced in the office environment, on a considerably more compact scale.  I created a solar operate-from-household set up.  One of the most important components of any off-grid photo voltaic system is a battery.  So in this evaluate, I’ll be reviewing the battery I’m employing in my set up, the Redodo 12V 200Ah In addition LiFePO4 battery.   

If you are looking to build an off-grid technique, a van-everyday living setup, a solar shed, or add photo voltaic power to your RV, this would be a great battery to consider. 

What is it?

The Redodo 12V 200Ah In addition LiFePO4 Battery is a battery.  A huge one.  Not one that can get started your car, but you could electric power a huge chunk of your dwelling with it, for a whilst.  It’s a newer battery technological innovation working with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which has a whole lot of pros over common guide-acid batteries.  It is the exact battery technology now employed in electric vehicles. The Redodo model is a rebranding and update of the common Zoom batteries. 

What is in the box?

  • Redodo 12V 200Ah Furthermore LiFePO4 Battery
  • Guide
  • Procedure guideline for novices
  • Two sets of terminal studs
  • Terminal addresses

Components specs

  • Voltage:  12.8V
  • Usable Electricity:  2560 Wh
  • Maximum continual discharge present:  200 amp
  • Most load energy: 2560 W
  • Width: 9.37 inches
  • Length:  20.5 inches
  • Height: 8.54 inches
  • Bodyweight:  49.6 lb
  • Terminal:  M8 16mm bolts
  • Greatest enlargement: 4 batteries in possibly parallel or collection
  • Warranty:  5 years

Style and options

Most likely the greatest feature of the Redodo 12V 200Ah Furthermore LiFePO4 Battery is its benefit.  Battery prices are inclined to be as opposed by hunting at the rate for every kWh. The price tag for LiFePO4 batteries has been slipping drastically in excess of the very last ten years, mainly driven by the raise in electric motor vehicles and the improved scale of battery creation. For the last handful of a long time, most LiFePO4 batteries had expense involving $300 and $400 per kWh.  At a value of $729, this battery arrives in perfectly down below that, at $285 per kWh.  This is working with quality-A cells, high quality parts, and a robust make. 

There is a designed-in battery administration program (BMS) that supplies over-discharge defense, more than-existing defense, overcharge protection, in excess of-voltage defense, limited-circuit protection, and thermal defense. It is not likely that this battery consists of lower-temperature charging cutoff designed into the BMS.  So use warning if the battery will be in an place where by the temperature drops under freezing, as lithium batteries can be destroyed if charged under freezing. This can be very easily fixed for much less than $20 with a 12V thermostat. 

The Redodo 12V 200Ah Furthermore LiFePO4 Battery is very huge and weighs about 50 lbs ..  This is a Lot much less than a equivalent guide-acid or AGM battery.  The battery has nice rope and plastic handles to make shifting it quick, and can essentially be employed in any placement besides upside down.  The graphics on the battery are colourful and desirable, but it’s unlikely that lots of folks will conclusion up seeing it, as batteries are typically set somewhere out of sight. 


It’s rather tough to gauge the general performance of a battery in excess of a short time span, as functionality for most new batteries is superior.  The genuine examination is over time, but that’s outdoors of the scope of this assessment.  On top of that, the performance of any battery is partially identified by the system that it’s set up in. My process is an off-grid photo voltaic method that operates our outside landscape lights and my perform-from residence set up (notebook, check, speakers, cellphone chargers, and so forth).  

So significantly, the Redodo 12V 200Ah In addition LiFePO4 Battery has carried out flawlessly.  The Renogy photo voltaic controller I have is established for lithium batteries so charging from the photo voltaic panel is optimized, and my 200W of photo voltaic have had no dilemma keeping the battery topped up to maximum voltage.   

This battery is very similar to other lithium batteries out there, and they are all frequently recognized to carry out effectively.  Specially when in comparison to older guide-acid or sealed AGM batteries.  In basic, LiFePO4 batteries are significantly safer, are considerably lighter, and last Significantly lengthier.  Above time, this lengthier everyday living would make lithium batteries a much better worth, and at $729, this battery expands that worth. 

Just one modest gripe about the Redodo 12V 200Ah Additionally LiFePO4 Battery is that the bundled terminal addresses do not include the entire terminal, leaving an possibility for shorts.  This can quickly be remedied with some electrical tape, but it appears like a little oversight that could have been easily corrected. 

What I like

  • All the advantages of lithium batteries at a wonderful rate
  • Sturdy, nicely constructed
  • Quality-A battery cells
  • Crafted-in BMS (but no lower-temperature safety)

What I’d alter

  • Terminal covers do not deal with the complete terminal, leaving an prospect for shorts
  • Incorporate a true small temperature charging lower-off to the BMS.

Ultimate Thoughts

Lithium batteries are getting to be a lot less highly-priced, specially when looking at their extended life as opposed to more mature battery know-how.  And as off-grid and solar methods are turning into much more popular in equally houses, cabins, and automobiles, the gains of lithium batteries are are needed by far more people today.  The Redodo 12V 200Ah Plus LiFePO4 Battery has a significant capability at a really sensible value (for a battery of this size) and would be a good alternative for a variety of programs. Just be knowledgeable that you just can’t charge it under freezing devoid of risking long-lasting harm. 

Price:  $729.99
Where to purchase: Redodo or Amazon
Supply: The sample for this evaluate was furnished by Redodo Electricity

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