Following 25 yrs, we however really don’t see bicycle kicks at the RoboCup

This year’s RoboCup symposium held in Bangkok, Thailand marks the 25th anniversary of the occasion, an international competitors dedicated to the development of robotic and artificial intelligence technologies. The first target of the event was to get the state of robotics in sturdy plenty of shape that just one may area a staff of robotic […]

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Singapore Landlords Don’t Fear the Global Economy

[ad_1] Placeholder while article actions load Singapore’s small and highly open economy won’t escape the combined weight of the Ukraine war, supply-chain snarls, China’s Covid-19 lockdowns and a pickup in global inflation. But institutional landlords in the Asian city-state have reasons to be optimistic. Even if gross domestic product grows this year at the lower end of the 3% to 5% official forecast, […]

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