The 10 Best Suspenders for Men in 2022


Do you need to find a slick look for a wedding outfit, sharp at work, or just want to learn how to dress well? The best suspenders for men are functional and look great at the same time. 

Suspenders have been an effective fashion piece for years. From holding up your pants to adding color and personality to your look, these braces will do the trick. 

Don’t worry about trying to sort through the dozens of products on the internet on your own. We have a comprehensive list of the best suspenders for men for any occasion, helping to save you precious time so you can get back to doing what you do best: looking great. 

These 10 best suspenders for men will cover any formal or casual event, making you the talk of your social circles with your cunning fashion sense. 

In a rush? Here are our top three best suspenders for men:

Our Top Pick

Albert Thurston Y-back Suspenders
Albert Thurston Y-back Suspenders

These men’s suspenders are our top pick for fashion and durability. 

  • 3 cm wide for comfortable wear 
  • Perfect for spring and summer seasons
  • Uses the classic button fasteners for a traditional and stylish look


Runner Up

Trafalgar Classic Convertible Suspenders

Also Great

Tommy Hilfiger Men's 32mm Suspender with Convertible Clip, Button End and Strap

10 Best Suspenders for Men 

Whether this is your first time purchasing suspenders or you’re just looking for the best suspenders for men on the market, we have all your needs covered here. 

Best Overall Button Suspenders: Albert Thurston Non-Elastic Suspenders

For the best value for your money, these Albert Thurston suspenders are the top overall choice. Their classic Y-back is a timeless design that suits many situations. 

With durable leather fasteners and adjustable silver clips, these best suspenders for men are sure to compliment several outfits for a range of occasions. 


  • Made with 92% wool to ensure they will not stretch out of shape after use
  • Classic Y-back construction 
  • Adjustable length 


  • Hand-wash only 
  • Available in grey and black colors only 

Albert Thurston Y Suspenders, Best Suspenders For Men

Best for Everyday Style: Tommy Hilfiger Suspenders 

It’s always good to have a pair of the best suspenders for men, especially ones like these on hand for any occasion. The Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Suspenders are versatile enough for weekend wear or going out for a special occasion. 

These suspenders give any outfit a classic look that is suitable for any day of the week. They are comfortable to wear alone, under your vest or jacket, and include clip and button enclosures for any pant style.


  • Adjustable straps give you the perfect fit every time 
  • Affordable 
  • Available in black and khaki colors to accent any wardrobe items 


  • The back belt clip can be uncomfortable when sitting for long periods 
  • Contains thick elastic material that some may not prefer in dress suspenders

Tommy Hilfiger Best Suspenders for Men

Best for Heavy Duty Work: Dickies Industrial Strength Suspenders 

These suspenders from Dickies use the strongest materials possible for durability. In addition, the leather X-back construction is the best support you will find, helping to keep your pants in place and you comfortable throughout any busy workday. A clear choice for the best suspenders for men. 

The Dickies Men’s Industrial Strength Suspenders help the working man while he’s out on those rough or mobile jobs. They are stylish enough to use on your days off, making them a versatile option. 


  • One-size-fits-all for pants ranging from 32 inches up to 44 inches
  • Uses fully adjustable straps to fit any man perfectly 
  • Uses enhanced support with the leather patch button-clip closure sewn right in


  • Not the most suitable choice for dress wear 
  • Sharp metal clips can wear down your waistband on the pants after prolonged use 

Dickies Work Suspenders, Best Suspenders For Men

Best Choice for Leather: Exception Goods Y-Back Leather Suspenders

These skinny genuine leather suspenders are a terrific choice for any man who wants to add a classic look while still being comfortable. The leather material is pliable enough for movement but remains durable enough to stay in place. 

Its Y-back support and exquisite brass hardware clip construction ensure that these best suspenders for men stay put while you are dancing, entertaining guests, or working in the office. They are also thin enough to remain comfortable while sitting, standing, or moving throughout the day. 


  • Made with genuine leather materials
  • Adjustable with a classic buckle enclosure 
  • Fashionable for any event or outing 


  • Only available in brown 
  • Do not have the choice to convert to a button closure 

Leather Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

Best for Jeans: Mendeng Vintage Bronze Snap Hook Suspenders

Just because you are wearing jeans does not mean that suspenders are out of the question. This Mendeng option may be the best suspenders for men to accompany the jeans you can’t stop wearing. 

The swivel hook clips rotate, so they lay flat against your body for a comfortable fit. Additionally, they come in an array of unique colors that can help add a touch of class to your outfit, even for casual gatherings. 


  • Can easily attach to your belt loops without causing damage or requiring buttons 
  • Adds a classic, vintage look with the unique closure 
  • Snap hook will not cause damage to your pants 


  • Swivel clips can be cumbersome

Mendeng Suspenders, best Suspenders for Men

Best for Formal Wear: Trafalgar Classic Convertible Suspenders 

Trafalgar uses exceptional materials and construction ideal for your next formal event. They are durable and comfortable while bringing your outfit’s style up a notch, an obvious choice when choosing the best suspenders for men. 

These suspenders are hand-crafted in the USA and donate more than 15% of their profits to charitable organizations that focus on disaster relief, world hunger, and child survival. 


  • Includes both clasp and button enclosures 
  • High-quality construction and materials 
  • Available in four different colors 


  • Adjustable only up to 39 inches, making them unsuitable for tall men 
  • More costly than other brands 

Trafalgar Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

Best for a Textured Look: Bow Tie House Wide Plaid Checkered Braces 

These Wide Plaid Checkered Suspenders from Bow Tie House provide an exceptional look by adding texture and style. Made in Europe, these suspenders use Swiss Jacquard blended elastic for durability and quality.


  • Give a textured look
  • Available in various colors 
  • Adjustable to fit tall men 


  • Only includes metal clasp closures
  • Handwash only

Bow Tie House Y Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

Best for a Pop of Color: Jacob Alexander Y-Back Polka Dot Suspenders

These Jacob Alexander suspenders are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of flair and style. Using microfiber materials, they are soft and attractive to pair with any trousers.

Whether you want to add a pop of color or need an affordable option with interchangeable clips, these are the best suspenders for men that can do it all. They measure 1.25 inches wide and extend up to 48 inches with an elastic strap for a comfortable fit.


  • They come in a wide array of colors 
  • Include both clip and button closures for all styles of pants 
  • Affordable and comfortable for any occasion 


  • They have a sizing limit, making them not useable for those on the shorter or taller side
  • Clip construction doesn’t hold up as well with prolonged use 

Jacob Alexander Poka Dot Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

Best for Airports or Metal Allergies: HoldUp Black Y-Back Suspenders With Plastic Closures

If you have allergies to metal products or are tired of getting hassled at airport security, these HoldUp Men’s Y-Back are the best suspenders for men. They use patented strong plastic gripper clasps that will hold in place without creating issues. 


  • Metal-Free
  • Uses durable patented plastic made to last
  • Made in the USA


  • Plastic adjustment bars may move slightly throughout the day 
  • Clasps can be too bulky for some

HoldUp Airport Friendly Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

Best for Less Pant Damage: JIERKU Suspenders with Swivel Clip Closures

These JIERKU suspenders are a great choice for anyone tired of having damage to their pants from metal clips. If you do not want to add button enclosures to every pair of pants, these swivel clips are a terrific alternative. 


  • Does not damage pants even after prolonged use 
  • Suitable for any casual or dress pant with belt loops 
  • Ideal for big and tall men 


  • Need pants with belt loops to use 
  • Metal clips can seem bulkier than flat clasps 

Swivel Suspenders, Best Suspenders for Men

How to Choose The Best Suspenders for Men (For Any Occasion) 

Best suspenders for Men

The choices and options for suspenders can be overwhelming, depending on the occasion or the style you’re after (for example: Peaky Blinders Look vs Mad Men). This buying guide can help make your next purchase easier. Some ways to choose the best suspenders for men are examining these elements: 


Learning how to wear suspenders makes choosing the right suspenders for any occasion that much easier and makes each pair you own more versatile. By determining where you will wear the suspenders, it will help narrow down your choices. Suspenders that work for different occasions are a great investment for your closet.


Formal suspenders are often for weddings, dinner parties, and elegant events. Quality everyday suspenders are completely fine for black tie dress but adding high-quality fasteners help give a set a more sophisticated look. 


Your work setting can be drastically different from another guy’s environment. Do you work in an office where you see clients every day? Are you a plumber who needs a pair of suspenders that will do the job as you spend all day getting up and down? 

The type of work suspenders you buy will be highly dependant on the kind of work you do and what function they need to serve. 


Casual suspenders can be a fun way to dress up your outfit. You can add personality and pizzazz with bright colors and patterns. Though some men may prefer to stick with classic suspenders in black or brown for more practical use and sleeker style. 


As with other clothing accessories, you can find the best suspenders for men in several types of suits many styles. You can find suspenders in a variety of materials like wool, silk, cotton, leather, and beyond, along with a combination of unique blends. 

The material you choose will depend on intended use, but you should also keep practicality at the forefront of your mind. If you’re looking for the best suspenders for men that’ll see heavy use, opt for a pair that’ll withstand frequent outings, won’t stretch, and will be comfortable for all-day wear like a cotton or wool blend. 

On the other hand, if you’re after a pair of suspenders for a special occasion, you may want to go the silk or linen route for an air of luxury. 

Bear in mind that many of the best suspenders for men have materials that are hand-wash or dry-clean only and will need careful storage to help keep them looking good and functional. 


The width of suspenders is highly dependent on their purpose. You can find seven different widths available at most stores. These sizes include: 

  • ½ inch
  • ¾ inch
  • 1 inch
  • 1.25 inches
  • 1.38 inches
  • 1.5 inches
  • 2 inches 

The typical suspender size is 1.38 inches. Alternatively, this breakdown will help you figure out what you need in your closet. 

Half-inch to 1-inch suspenders can look trendy and eye-catching. However, they lag a bit in the functionality department since they aren’t as supportive thicker models. 

The standard width ranges you will find for many models are between 1.25 and 1.5 inches. This is where you can find the greatest selection of stylish yet functional models that are suitable for different occasions.

A pair of suspenders 2 inches or more are typically built for durability and are highly functional for extreme wear. 


The overall fit of your suspenders will depend on the style and material you choose. Naturally, you will have a different fit when using X-back styles than the alternative Y-back suspenders. 

Materials like linens and silk can be more for an exquisite style than function, and if you do not size them to fit correctly, you could have problems with movement and slip.  

To properly know your size for fit, use a flexible tape measure and start at your right side belt loop. Next, stretch the tape up and around your shoulders to your back left belt loop for an accurate measurement. Most suspender companies will have their sizing guides available so you can see where you fit in and choose the best size, truly find the best suspenders for men in every style. 

Storing Your Suspenders

Finding the best suspenders for men is only the first step. How you store your suspenders will depend on your space and the number of pairs you own.

Hang: It’s easy to keep one or two pairs on your tie rack or a hanger.

Leave Attached: Some men will leave their suspenders attached to their pants and let them hang to avoid getting tangled with others.

Fold or Roll: Another favorable choice is to gently fold or roll suspenders up and place them in a shallow drawer until you need them. 

Accenting your suit or a smart casual outfit with a nice pair of the best suspenders for men can make all the difference. Time to leave the trusted men’s belt at home and try something new. You can’t go wrong with having a few different sets on hand to compliment any occasion. 

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