Ugreen Nexode 200W USB-C GaN Charger Review

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Ugreen Nexode 200W USB-C GaN Charger Review Rating


The Ugreen Nexode 200W is the most powerful USB-C charger on the market. It is perfect for a working desktop environment where it can charge a laptop and multiple other devices all at once. Being the most powerful option on the market, it also is priced with a premium markup.

  • Features & Performance – 95%

  • Price – 75%


  • Perfect desktop charger capable of 2 x 100W output

Multi-port chargers are an essential accessory in my house, and I have multiple dotted around the home for convenience. The shift to a standard charging port has been a blessing, and now all my laptops use USB-C as well as my phones, earphones, remote controls and more.

The Ugreen Nexode 200W is possibly the most powerful charger on the market, I have certainly not used anything that has a 200W total output. The most powerful charger I have used to date is the chunky Huwder A2002, and this can do 150W with one 100W port. It has served me well in my TV room, acting as the main charger for my laptop in the evenings. However, it is outclassed by the Ugreen Nexode.

Specification / Output Configuration

  • Total 200W(100W+100W) Output: The C1/C2 ports of this USB C Charger support 100W max output, and the total output of this USB C charger plug is 200W max.
  • Fast Charge 6 Devices Simultaneously: Equipped with 6 ports, this UGREEN Nexode 200W USB C power adapter charges 6 devices simultaneously at a very fast speed, providing a perfect choice for office, home or travel use.
  • Multiple Fast Charge Choice and More Reliable: The 200W USB C charger supports multiple fast charge protocols like PPS PD QC and provides multiple outputs like PD 100W 65W 45W 20W etc. In addition, with multi-protection built-in, this 200W USB C Plug provides a much safer charge experience for you.
  • Universal Compatibility: This 200w MacBook charger adapter is compatible with MacBook Air M1, MacBook Pro M1, Huawei MateBook, NoteBook, iPad Air/Pro, Tab A8/S8; iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/12/12 Pro/SE 2022/2020, AirPods; Galaxy S22/S21/S20/A53, Pixel 6, Redmi Note 10; switches, etc.

The below chart gives you a better idea of the port configurations.

Basically, it can do 2x100W via the top two ports and can do 3x65W. With all the ports occupied, it can do 65W, 45W, 45W, 20W, and then USB-A at 5V 4A (with a 25W budget split between the two).

Size Comparison vs Huwder A2002 & Kovol Sprint 120W / Spigen ArcDock

This is a big charger, though not twice as big as the Huwder A2002 as your might expect. This is because the Huwder A2002 is not a GaN charger.

It appears to be more than double the size and weight of the Kovol Sprint 120W / Spigen ArcDock.

In Use

The charger is both large and heavy, and it uses a chunky power lead too. This is not designed to be carried around in a bad. It has a flat design, and its weight means it stays in place on my desk, where I find this is a perfect place for it.

I don’t actually have any devices that can pull 100W. I have a review sample of the Honor MagicBook 15, then two Huawei MateBooks, all of which come with 65W chargers.

Even though I have the 150W Realme GT Neo 3 it can’t pull that much from a power delivery charger because most phones use a proprietary charging technology.

Charging the Realme, I was able to pull 18W, as limited by its power delivery specification.

The Honor MagicBook 15 could also happily pull 65W. I don’t have three USB-C power meters, but I was able to charge all three laptops while the MagicBook 15 continued to pull 65W.

Overall, it works as advertised, easily charging all the devices I have, and it didn’t seem to get overly hot or make any noise.

Price and Alternative Options

The biggest problem with the Ugreen Nexode 200W is the price. With an RRP of £200, it is the most expensive charger I have used by a considerable margin. Being the most powerful charger on the market, they have some leeway with pricing; it is not like I can offer a like-for-like cheaper alternative.

As I look at the Amazon listing for the Ugreen Nexode 200W, there are three obvious alternatives:

  • Ugreen 100W Desktop Charger for £100
    • Half the price, half the power. This can do 100W from one port or 65W and 30W, which should be adequate for most people. If you had two of them stacked together, you’d have a wider range of ports.
  • Ugreen Nexode 100W for £80
    • This is basically identical to the above, but cheaper, and it plugs directly into the socket. Ideal for travelling, but I prefer a cabled charger for the desktop and home.
  • Spigen ArcDock or Kovol Sprint 120W for £65
    • At £65 after the voucher, this is well under half price and can do 100W from one port or 2x60W.


I am a sucker for a powerful, versatile multi-port USB-C charger. Therefore I love the Ugreen Nexode 200W.

In reality, I don’t really need 200W. At most, I’d probably charge a laptop, a phone and maybe some earphones or some other accessory. But, I like the reassurance that I will always have plenty of output power.

As someone that is regularly critical of product pricing, it is hard to get over the idea of spending £200 on a charger, especially when you can get the Spigen ArcDock for £65. However, if you want the convenience of one desktop charger that is capable of charging several high-powered devices, then this is it.

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