WEMAX Go Advanced Wise Portable Laser Projector Assessment

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WEMAX Go State-of-the-art Good Moveable Laser Projector Assessment


The WEMAX Go Sophisticated is a exceptional tiny projector. It is extremely small with a practical trim layout earning it incredibly effortless to transport in a terrible. it has the ideal overall graphic top quality and brightness of the projectors I have reviewed.


  • A person of the brightest and greatest resolution transportable projectors I have reviewed
  • Compact dimension that can conveniently slot into your bag


  • Underpowered speakers
  • WemaxOS/FengOS is not as fantastic as Android Tv

The WEMAX Go Superior was funded on Indiegogo back in January. It is now accessible to acquire on Amazon US and directly from Wimax.

It is an amazingly portable projector currently being just 1-inch thick, yet is comprehensive Hd and has a brightness of 600 ANSI lumens which tends to make it remarkable to most other projectors on the current market.


  • Projector Specification
    • Resolution: 1920*1080, FHD, 4K Supported
    • Gentle Supply: 15,000 Lumens
    • FOFO Contrast Ratio: Native 500:1
    • Coloration Assortment: 100% Rec.709
    • SGS Low Blue Light-weight Certification: Of course
    • Exhibit Dimension: 40″-120″
    • Auto Monitor Alignment: Certainly
    • Automobile Obstacle Avoidance: Certainly
    • Human Human body Induction: Sure
  • Hardware:
    • Storage: 2GB DDR4+16GB eMMC
  • Program:
    • Bluetooth: 5., Dual Audio
    • Cell Casting: Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, Huawei Cast+
    • Manner: Office, Film, Saving Power, Check
    • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and a lot more apps can be downloaded from third-celebration application outlets or set up by using apk data files right. 
  • Sound:
  • Other
    • Sounds: <30dB with Movie Mode at 25 degree temperature
    • Power Charger: Type-C PD 65W
    • Product Size: 8.6*4.6*0.97 inch


The WEMAX Go Advanced is attractively designed using a metal chassis that is just 1-inch thick. It is small enough to slot into your bag easily. There is a sliding metal grill which protects the lens and also acts as a power-on switch so you can transport the projector without too much concern about damaging the lens.

Unlike some projectors I have reviewed, this has a handy built-in pop-out stand, but it lacks the 135° projection-angle range that the BenQ GV30 has.

Weirdly there is not ¼” thread, so you can’t easily mount it on anything. WEMAX does sell a stand for this, but this is an additional cost.

On the rear of the projector, you have the USB-C port for power, a headphone jack, a USB port and an HDMI port.

It is worth noting that this came supplied with a US two-pin power adaptor. However, it uses USB-C and is compatible with 65W power delivery. I, therefore, used this with a third-party power delivery charger. The power delivery charging is also useful as it allows you to effectively extend the battery life using a power bank.

Set-Up / Keystone Correction / Auto Focus / Settings

Unlike other smart projectors, this doesn’t use Android TV, and therefore there is no need to login into a Google account.

Switching on the projector will immediately do the automatic focus and keystone correction. On my table, I did find it needed some additional adjustments, but it makes life much easier. You can also use manual adjustments to increase the screen size, and I found that these were much easier than the digital adjustments on some other projectors.

The projector uses WiFi 5 with both 2.4Gzh and 5Ghz, and I found the overall performance of this good, I had no issues streaming larger files.

Software / Widevine DRM / Netflix / Disney

This projector uses its own WemaxOS, which is based on FengOS, and I assume that is built around Android. There is no Google Play store or any Google apps, you instead use Aptoide TV to install all your app. It has an extensive selection, including YouTube, Plex, Netflix, Disney and many more.

It lacks the Widevine L1 certificate for high-resolution streaming rather than L3. As far as I am aware, this is true for all projectors that have Android built in. I have had to sideload Netflix for all my reviews.

If you plan to use this at home for watching streaming services, you will be better off using an Amazon Fire TV stick or similar device. This will give you full access to high-quality streams.

Image Quality and Brightness


Night / Low Light

The WEMAX Go claims a brightness of 600 ANSI lumens, and it has an FHD resolution of 1920×1080. I haven’t reviewed a huge number of projectors, but this is definitely the brightest I have used, and the image quality is generally excellent.

The projector is set to movie mode as standard, but if you are using this in a brighter environment, it will be worth switching to office mode, which dials up the brightness.

Daytime performance is just about adequate, but quite a bit better than most projectors I have reviewed.

Sound Quality

Having just come away from reviewing the BenQ GV30 with its massive 2.1 CH sound chamber speakers, the WEMAX Go sounds poor in comparison.

The main issue is the complete lack of bass. It can go surprisingly loud with its 2x2W speakers, and mids and highs sound quite good, but the lack of bass leaves an overall sharpness to everything.

The speakers will be fine for business presentations and work, but you don’t want to watch a movie with it. This problem is easily solved by using Bluetooth speakers or the 3.5mm headphone out.

Fan Noise

As far as projectors go, this was surprisingly quiet and better than most other projectors I have reviewed. The fan noise is audible, and you can hear it over the built-in speakers, but it is not intrusive like some projectors. When paired up with bigger speakers, then fan noise is completely drowned out.


I’d say the battery is not the best. This is rated for around 1.5 hours of use. Its small thing design likely means they can’t fit in a massive battery. You can easily extend this by using a power delivery power bank, and 90 mins should be more than enough for business meetings or watching a TV show.

Price and Alternative Options

The price of the WEMAX Go Advanced is a little confusing/misleading. It is advertised as $999.99 RRP but discounted down to $699 (£590). However, using the discount code VIP29 allows you to get a further 29% discount taking it down to $496.29 (£420).

Use code VIP29 for 29% off. Expires at the end of August

I’d say £420 is an excellent price, £590 is an OK price, and the RRP is overinflated.

The XGIMI Elfin is likely the best alternative option. This has a similar form factor and is rated as being slightly brighter at 800 ANSI Lumen, and it also has slightly louder 3w speakers. This is currently available for £560, hence why I think the £420 price of the WEMAX Go is excellent, but the regular selling price is just OK.

Beyond that, not a lot else competes on paper. The Anker NEBULA Solar Portable is no doubt superb but it is rated at a slightly lower 400 ANSI Lumen but has slightly better speakers, and this costs £600


The WEMAX Go Advanced is a superb little projector. It is incredibly small with a convenient slim design making it extremely easy to transport in a bad. it has the best overall image quality and brightness of the projectors I have reviewed.

The battery life and sound quality are not the best, but these are both minor issues that are easily remedied with a powerband and dedicated speakers.

It also lacks Widevine L1, but this is true for all the portable projectors I have reviewed and is another easy fix by using a Fire Stick or similar device.

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