Charge of Working a Desiccant vs Compressor Dehumidifier – With garments drying & area warming comparison

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Recently I looked into the price of applying a desiccant dehumidifier to dry garments in comparison to a heated garments airer and the added benefits it has on space warming.

Desiccant dehumidifiers have a little bit of a bad standing for employing a good deal of electricity and not becoming the most economical way of decreasing home humidity. Ebac is particularly vocal on this matter, with multiple content on its website suggesting that they are ripping you off as they are not suited for home use and will squander your electricity.

Compressor dehumidifiers on Amazon

Desiccant dehumidifiers on Amazon

Why are desiccant dehumidifiers a undesirable decision for the household?

Their argument is that a desiccant dehumidifier is incredibly very good at eradicating humidity, too great, in actuality. They will clear away much too a lot moisture from the air building it as well dry. This will also endorse the ingress of greater humidity air from the outdoors.

A compressor dehumidifier uses considerably much less electricity to remove the exact same volume of air as a desiccant.

Compressor dehumidifiers call for fairly warm environments, they will do the job from 3-35°C, but the ideal functioning temperature is more than 15°C. A desiccant dehumidifier will happily get the job done at much decreased temperatures, but this is not generally a state of affairs British isles properties experience (that may be distinct with the cost of dwelling disaster).

When I reviewed the Ebac 3850e compressor dehumidifier, it did appear to be that these dehumidifiers were a superior option for controlling secure humidity concentrations within just a house.

What are the rewards of a desiccant dehumidifier in the property?

The arguments that Ebac make against desiccant dehumidifiers ignores just one of the advantages of a desiccant dehumidifier.

The greater electrical energy utilization of a desiccant dehumidifier is since it has to dry out the desiccant product made use of to take in water. The air coming out of a desiccant dehumidifier will be all around 10-12°C hotter, while a compressor desiccant is only a few of degrees warmer (this is why they use considerably less energy).

If you have a wonderful warm household, then a compressor is the a lot more reasonable preference, but if you want the rewards of place warming, then a desiccant dehumidifier is properly well worth contemplating.

Additionally, a desiccant dehumidifier is far more successful at heating a room than an electrical heater.

Expense of functioning a Desiccant vs Compressor Dehumidifier

For my tests, I have been applying the Airthings Perspective Moreover to keep track of humidity and temperature, and it has been amazingly useful for delivering perception, thanks to the historic graphs. For electric power, I have been making use of the TP-Backlink Tapo P110, which is a fantastic reasonably priced smart plug with power monitoring.

Desiccant Dehumidifier

With my EcoAir DD1 desiccant dehumidifier set to the greatest will use 668W. When I was drying dresses, more than a 5 hour 30 minute interval, it dropped the humidity from 73% to 59% making use of 3.71kWh of electrical power and elevated the temperature in my big front home by 1.5°C from 16.7°C to 18.2°C.

With an illustration device fee of 34p/kWh dependent on the present-day value hole assurance (which is now only confirmed for six months), this would get the job done out as £1.26. In that state of affairs, it dried most of the dresses that have been on my switched-off Dry:Quickly airer.

That is rather costly, becoming additional highly-priced to dry my clothes than the Dry:Soon airer and pretty much two times the rate of a heat pump tumble dryer. However, it also lessened humidity, whilst the Dry:Before long enhanced area humidity from 59% to 81%, and there was the added profit of a minimal heat.

Compressor Dehumidifier

As for the compressor dehumidifier, this uses just 183W of energy. Which is not only a lot a lot less than the desiccant dehumidifier but close to 47% less electricity than the Dry:Before long airer (340W).

The Ebac 3850e takes advantage of smart manage to observe and get rid of humidity. It will not take away humidity as aggressively as a desiccant, but it does so more competently.

In just one particular hour, the compressor dehumidifier eliminated home humidity from 77% down to 73% and made use of .18kWh. The temperature greater .2°C.

Around night time use

In the higher than graph, the humidifier was still left on through the working day in max method. In the course of the 12-hour period of time, it utilised just 2kw of electrical power, minimizing the humidity from a peak of 68% down to 52%.

The Ebac 3850e does not give off a lot warmth, but the minimized humidity does help in drying clothing. It has a garments dryer solution which increases the dehumidifier performance eradicating as substantially humidity as attainable for two hrs.

I come across that the outfits drying functionality is Okay with the Ebac. It is substantially slower than the other possibilities, and I uncover that you will need to make certain your outfits are properly spaced out. However, the jogging expenditures and total rewards of reduced humidity make it an captivating choice vs the Dry:Quickly or the desiccant dehumidifier.

It can take quite a few several hours to dry things, so you could want to keep away from drying just about anything far too thick and hefty in purchase to stay away from that musty odor from gradual drying, or at minimum make sure it is distribute out fully.

Nonetheless, it can still dry bigger products. I went away for the evening, so I took the possibility to clean and dry my thick feather mattress protector and when I returned, it was dry with no recognizable musty smell.


The compressor dehumidifier is, without a question, far more cost-effective at minimizing humidity concentrations in my dwelling. It is arguably a charge-efficient answer for drying outfits, way too and will possible work nicely if you are drying your garments in an by now warm property.

My up coming experiment will be to operate the Dry:Before long in conjunction with the Ebac 3850e compressor dehumidifier. This need to hold humidity ranges very low while also utilizing a lot less electrical power making use of equally of these appliances with each other relatively than the desiccant dehumidifier by itself. The situation with this circumstance is the expense of buying two unique appliances, but I previously own them, so it is not an issue for me.  

These checks have not factored in the upfront price tag of these equipment. In distinct, the Dry:Soon and Ebac 3850e are really pricey at £190 and £370, respectively. The EcoAir DD1 is also £150.

The most economical Ebac is the 15, which is £219, but the Ebac 4250 may well be the superior possibility at £269 as it has a lessen electricity use (around 150W) and intelligent management.

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