The Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Apple Deals You Can Shop Right Now


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Gather around your computers, phones, or any Internet-supporting device, because Amazon Prime Day is (kind of) almost here. Amazon Prime Day 2022 will be held on July 12 and July 13. The two-day shopping bonanza hosts a slew of deals on just about everything your shopping-fanatic heart desires. Whether that be your next favorite designer find or a beauty pick you’ll want to slather all over your skin, when it comes to Amazon Prime Day, you simply won’t want to miss it.

While the verdict is still out on when you can expect to save big this summer, everyone’s favorite online retailer secretly dropped some deals on all your favorite Apple products. Right now, some of the most tempting discounts include over 20 percent off the beloved AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as deals on Apple Watches, iPads, AirPods Max, and a range of other Apple accessories you love and adore. Like any good sale, you can expect all of this to go quickly. Ahead, shop our favorite on-sale Apple products ahead of Amazon Prime Day, and be sure to check back in as we’ll update this page with more discounts and info as we inch closer to the big day.


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Equipped with 24-hour battery life and noise cancellation technology, we can see why the Airpods Pro hype is very much real. Did we mention they’re also waterproof?

These TikTok-favorite headphones come in five stunning shades and boast a range of great features, from noise-cancelling mode to memory foam ear modeling. Plus, they’re on sale for the lowest price…ever.

Want the spacious screen of a desktop without all the bulky hardware to go with it? Apple’s new sleek and thin (11.5 mm!) iMac checks all the right boxes.


EarPods with Lightning Connector

The OG of on-the-go listening: the timeless wired earbuds. At under $20, they’re a great backup to have when your wireless pair can’t be found.

If you find your WFH space lacking (or you just want a bigger screen), upgrade it with this under-$1,000 desktop that’s truly a steal.

You can’t go wrong with a classic. These second generation earbuds might not have all the fancy gimmicks of the AirPods Pro, but its 24-hour playing time is still awe-inspiring.

Ditch the bulkiness of a laptop with this easy-to-haul-around iPad. Add the Apple Pencil at checkout, which is a great tool for writing, drawing, and more.

A charging experience without multiple cords ending up in a tangly mess is the ultimate dream. Make that fantasy a reality with this hands-free charger that can boost battery life without any plug-ins.

Track your workouts (or secretly answer text messages like never before) with the Series 3 Apple Watch. Bonus points if you nab a stylish band to pair it with.


3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

The odds of misplacing your headphones are almost always high. Be prepared for that fateful day with this affordable adapter that’ll help connect any pair of backup earbuds.

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