Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk 60×30 review – top notch comfort

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REVIEW – Lately my back has started to give me clues that I am getting older. That includes not being able to sit for long without my lower back protesting so I literally jumped out of my chair when the chance to review the Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk came up. Let’s see if the Vari Curve standing desk can ease my back pain when I am at the computer.

What is it?

The Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk is a uniquely designed 60 by 30 inch electric standing desk with a curved edge that allows you to easily reach anything on the desktop. Pair it with monitor arms, a comfortable chair, and a standing mat for a complete workspace.

What’s in the box?

The Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk ships in two boxes that are very well packaged.

Box 1: Vari Curve top, gross weight 80 lbs net weight 60 lbs

  • Instruction manual
  • Bag hooks
  • Coaster
  • Cable straps

Box 2: Vari Curve base and legs, gross weight 65 lbs net weight 59 lbs

  • Instruction manual
  • Bolts and two Allen wrenches (4mm and 6mm)

Hardware specs

  • Weight: 120 lbs final assembly
  • Dimensions: 25-50.5″(H) x 60″(W) x 30″(D)
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs
  • Maximum height: 50.5 inches
  • Lowest height: 25 inches
  • Two 3” desktop cable pass through holes
  • 4 programmable memory height settings

Design and features

The Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk has a durable laminate finish, a gentle waterfall front edge, and desktop cable pass-through grommets to help organize your work surface. You can work comfortably sitting or standing with the sturdy T-Style legs, powerful electric motor, and 4 programmable memory height settings that can be set anywhere between 25”-50.5”.


Setup was pretty easy and is best assembled upside down. Per the instructions I left the top in the box and bolted the legs to the table using the included Allen wrenches. Due to the hefty 120 lbs final assembled weight it is recommended to have another person help you turn the table over and move into your desired position. If you are strong enough you can tilt it and flip it up on your own but watch out for the control panel as you might break it in doing so. Fit and feel of all the materials was top notch and I didn’t see any blemishes or areas that would cause concern in the future. The Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk comes with a 5 year extended warranty to back up its craftsmanship.

Then slide the control box in the corresponding slot, insert the control panel, then plug the legs and panel into the control box.

The feet get bolted on next.

I used my ratchet with 6mm Allen socket to make it easier but the included wrench works fine

Then flip it over and position where you want it.


The gentle waterfall edge is way more comfortable than even rounded edge desks and being able to program the heights I prefer and then change levels with the push of a button is super convenient. The display even shows its current height in inches (can be reprogrammed to cm) when traveling.

Going from one height to another was quick and super quiet. You can barely hear the motor when it comes on. I like to lean on my standing desk occasionally and that has been my biggest complaint about desktop converters which aren’t stable enough for me to do that. They also reduce usable desktop space. Having a full size standing desk is the best option to maximize work space and still provide standing capability with the option to lean on it.

What I like

  • Very sturdy and quality construction
  • Wide range of adjustment

What I’d change

  • Option to add a pen drawer
There’s room for a little drawer which I may add myself

Final thoughts

The Vari Curve Electric Standing Desk is the best desk, let alone standing desk I have ever used. Vari’s quality construction and materials set the standard in the standing desk arena. My only wish is that they could make a drawer for their desks. Just a small drawer for pens and some note paper. There is room in the front underside and I may end up putting one in myself. Otherwise, this desk is perfect in my books.

Price: $875.00 with free shipping, free returns, and 5 year extended warranty
Where to buy: Vari and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Vari.

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